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Who sets the prices for parking spaces and how much are they worth?

posted this on September 08, 2011 17:12

All parking space owners set the price they wish to receive for a parking space booking. In addition to the price the parking space owner wants to receive, a service fee is add on and this is the price displayed to drivers.

ParkatmyHouse advises parking space owners to choose a suitable price taking into account the distance to local amenities, security and the facilities that are made available to drivers. 

Each parking space is unique and has different characteristics. Some offer lighting on a pebbled driveway 5 minutes from the local train station, some have CCTV security, security patrols and are 2 miles from the airport.


General Guidance on setting prices

Typically a parking space on ParkatmyHouse costs:

  • Near a train station: £100-£250 ($150-$400) per month
  • Near an airport: £40 ($60) per week
  • Near an stadium or concert hall: £10-25 ($15-$40) per day
  • Near a high street: £2 ($3) per hour
We also have plenty of spaces that are cheaper or more expensive. It really is about location, location, location. 


Extra help with our Rental Price Guide

We recommend taking our Rental Price Guide tool for a spin as this will provide the best indication of how much you should be charging for your parking space based on other spaces in the area.

Click here to try our rental price guide and see what your parking space is worth:

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