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posted this on September 08, 2011 09:41 is the world's largest website for booking private parking spaces at homes, businesses, churches and more. We empower any kind of property owner to rent out their empty driveway, garage or car park to drivers needing somewhere to park. If you have somewhere to park that is sometimes available, why not sign up?

Founded in 2006, we are now earning our property owners over £5 million every year in the UK alone. It is entirely free for a property owner to list their parking for rent on the website and it takes just a few minutes to get going. Further, having a car parked outside has security benefits, decreasing the chance of a burglary.

We are saving drivers even more by connecting them to parking spaces which are typically less than half the price of parking meters and car parks. They are also far more convenient as there's no need to worry about parking tickets or topping up the meter. Finally, their car is more secure when parked off-street.  

Over 350,000 drivers and property owners are part of the ParkatmyHouse community and the company is backed by BMW i, the venture capital arm of BMW.

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