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How do I get to the airport, station or final location once I park on someone's property?

posted this on September 14, 2011 12:15

Once you park on someone's property there are a number of ways to get to your final location.

  1. Simply walk - many of our parking space locations are very close to local amenities and transport hubs.
  2. Take the bus or train - depending on where you have travelled from and where you are going, you may have chosen to park close to your final location but are happy to take public transport for the final part of your journey.
  3. Order a taxi - we recommend you do this in advance so that the taxi will be with you shortly after you arrive at the parking space
  4. Get a lift - many home owners would be happy to offer you a lift to the airport. In most cases, they are not able to offer this as part of the service due to strict carriage (taxi) licensing. Please check with the property owner if they would be happy to provide a lift.

If a parking space owner asks you to pay for a lift, please make sure that they have a carriage (taxi) license as they may be breaking the law and may be uninsured for paid journeys.
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