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How do I know how much a parking space will cost?

posted this on October 27, 2010 12:06

All parking spaces have an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly price. Some also have a minimum rental price.
The minimum rental price ensures that property owners receive a minimum amount for each booking they receive.

There are a number of rules we apply to pricing to produce a fair and reasonable price for the booking period.

  • A booking for 2 hours will be charged at 2 x hourly price.
  • A booking spanning two days will be charged at 2 x daily price. (Please note that a booking from 1pm to 11am the next day will still be charged at 2 x daily price as it spans two different days despite it lasting less than 24 hours).
  • If your booking ends before 5am on a given day, we won't take this extra 5 hours in to account when using a daily price calculation. This ensures that drivers don't end up paying for an extra day when they park for a concert, sports event or late arriving flight.
  • A booking from Monday 2nd April 10am until Monday 9th April 10am spans 8 days and not 7 and therefore will be charged at 1 + 1/7 weeks.

We have spent a lot of time researching pricing methods to accommodate the vast majority of our customers. We hope you'll agree that these are fair and provide a balance between affordability and convenience.

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